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Wigetworks Private Limited (Wigetworks) started in Singapore in April 2004. In 2023, ST Engineering started a joint venture with Wigetworks. It was established with the main purposes to commercialize Wing-in-Ground (WIG) effect craft technology and to be the center of excellence of WIG technology.


Wigetworks owns all patents, intellectual property rights and know-how for the design and production of all Airfish types of WIG craft and also the license and exclusive rights to market and distribute Airfish technology worldwide. All the licenses were obtained from Airfoil Development GmbH (AFD). At the same period, Wigetworks also acquired a prototype of Airfish 8, an 8-seater WIG craft and Airfish 3; an 2-seater WIG craft built by AFD based Dr Alexander Martin Lippisch’s reverse delta wing design. Airfish 8 prototype, later named as AF8-001, was built in Germany in the late 1990s and extensive sea trials were conducted in the Netherlands and in Australia in 2001. In 2004, the prototype was transferred to Wigetworks and after refurbishment the prototype went for a series of successful sea trials in Thailand in 2007 and in Singapore in 2008. Lloyd’s Register granted AF8-001 entry into class in 2010.

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Wigetworks has embarks on a long journey into manufacturing of Airfish 8 pre-production craft and also intensive research and development activities on WIG technology. Here are some of our important milestones:


July 2023

~ Start of Joint Venture with ST Engineering


June 2019
~ Jane’s International De
fence Review


March 2017
~ Pre-Production Craft 2 officially registered as International Yacht with Langkawi International Yacht Registry (LIYR) of Malaysia and renamed as M/Y Airfish Yoyager.

~ M/Y Airfish Voyager completed long distance endurance flight/voyage (350 nautical miles) in Straits of Malacca alongside busy international shipping lanes from Port of Malacca to the resort island of Langkawi, Malaysia, to participate in Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace exhibition 2017 (LIMA’17).


January 2017
~ Wigetworks has two working pre-production crafts of Airfish 8


November 2016
~ Maiden flight of Airfish 8 Pre-Production Craft 2 (PPC2)

December 2015
~Completed Max Take-off Weight (MTOW) trials (8 pax + full fuel)


October 2015
~Maiden flight of Airfish 8 Pre-Production Craft 1 (PPC1)


October 2011
~Commissioned production of Airfish 8 Pre-Production Craft 2 (PPC2)

August 2010
~ Joint Research and Development activities between National University of Singapore (NUS) and Wigetworks (WW) funded by NUS, Wigetworks and Maritime Port Authority (MPA)


August 2010
~ Commissioned production of Airfish 8 Pre-Production Craft 1 (PPC1)


August 2010
~ Prototype AF8-001 Entry in Lloyd’s Register (LR) Class


April 2010
~ M/V AirFish 8–001 Christening Ceremony

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We are looking for driven and collaborative people, interested in aesthetically beautiful yet functional engineering, to join us in breaking new frontiers and change the world. Sound good?

For career opportunities, please email your CV to

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