Of late, there has been an increasing number of links that feature the Airfish or the company Wigetworks Private Limited. Some links, including several main stream and well known media such as the National Geographics, the Discovery channel, Science TV, Channels news Asia, Forbes, the Economist, etc,  have actually asked us nicely before they feature us. We typically grant them the permission and they will generally acknowledge our blessing. Unfortunately some of the links that allude to the Airfish did not notify us, let alone seek our permission to borrow our material before they post the write ups/ videos on the internet.

Statements have been made on these unauthorized links which are often either factually incorrect, or sometimes outright misleading, even if most of them were not said in malice. While we are very grateful for the fabulous publicity that these links have generated, we urge the reader to be careful in accepting everything that they read on the internet. We have no desire nor plan to attempt to rebut each of these links to set the record straight, as we are focusing all our energy to ensure the engineering is done right.

The only two sites that are authorized to represent Wigetworks or the Airfish are www.wigetworks.com and www.facebook.com/wigetworks

Because there is also an increased amount of queries that come into our website and facebook page, we would also like those who write in to exercise some patience if we can’t respond in quick time.

1 Mar 2018