"The AirFish family of WIG craft is designed to provide an alternative to high speed marine transportation. Adhering to maritime regulatory requirements, the AirFish WIG craft is designed to provides a fast, safe, comfortable and efficient platform for passenger and light cargo transportation over the sea. The highly manoeuvrable AirFish WIG Craft is unsurpassed in its comfort levels over moderate seas at speeds unmatched by most forms of marine transportation."

AirFish 8  
The AirFish 8 (AF8) is a 17 metre (LOA), 8-10 seater WIG Craft with a wingspan of 15m. It is designed to operate with 2 crew and capacity for 6-8 passengers. The craft cruises at speed of up to 90 knots, providing an excellent solution for high speed, safe and comfortable marine transportation.

Features of the AF8
  • Lightweight composite construction

  • Lloyd’s Register Classification notation: 100 A1, WIG MCH, TYPE A, Passenger, WTL 0.5/WEL 2.0, WSC 25

  • Automotive type engine driving twin air propellers

AirFish 3  
The AirFish 3 (AF3) is a 2 -seater WIG craft capable of operating in ground effect at about 1 to 2 metres above water. The AF3 is highly manoeuvrable and easy to handle, making it an ideal recreational craft or use as a trainer for bigger WIG craft.

Features of the AF3
  • Composite and aluminium alloy construction with fabric wings

  • Highly portable for road transport

  • Motorcycle engine driving an overhead ducted propeller

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